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The Classic Actors Click & Drag Game!

I saw a lot of these and felt inspired to do a classic one :) I just chose the first actors I could think of that I liked. In retrospect I probably should’ve organised it by decade or something, but I think I’ll do another one with more actors from the 50s and 60s, as well as some Star Trek & monster ones.

Hope you like it & hope it works okay!

p.s.: I would love reblogs with a description/screengrab, not to get more notes, but just to see what you guys get :) I keep having Cary Grant as my murderer…

BEST FRIEND: Humphrey Bogart

ROOM MATE:Clark Gable

FIRST KISS: Jimmy Stewart

FIRST LOVE: Charlie Chaplin (haha!)

HUSBAND: Buster Keaton (yesss!)

CRUSH ON YOU: Jimmy Stewart

ENEMY: Cary Grant (awwww noo)

YOUR KILLER: Tyrone Power (i’d probably be easily taken off guard by his beauty)

Best Friend: Jimmy Stewart

Roommate: Tyrone Power (makes sense actually, since we’re related)

First Kiss: Gary Cooper (lucky me)

First Love: Cary Grant (yup)

Husband: Cary Grant :)

Crush on You: Jimmy Stewart (d’aaw)

Enemy: Gregory Peck :(

Your Killer: Buster Keaton

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